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Angličtina gramatika 2. test 1.

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Angličtina gramatika 2. test 1. Doplněk pro přípravu na maturity a přijímací zkoušky. Expressions of quantity, tenses, descriptions atd.
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Why to the seaside last weekend?

How do you have tonight?

She paints small pictures of wild flowers and birds.

I anywhere very interesting for my holiday.

That was the job I've ever had . I hated it.

There rice and there aren't any eggs.

Only his story.

Have you read John Harrison's book, Going Round the World?

There was .

The job is much interesting.

There are some potatoes, but only .

It was best Italian meal I've ever had.

Have you got in your town?

They're very nice . They seem than the people in my old job.

Giovanni's used to be the popular restaurant around here.

Working in an office is better working in a shop.

Paul and I both had veal, but mine was cooked in wine and herbs, and it was than Paul's.

She has tea with me at Savoy Hotel.

I'm going to visit her next week.

My aunt Vanessa is artist.

The service isn't good as it used to be.

Once a year she travels by train to London.

What are the people in the office ?

She lives in a beautiful old cottage by sea.

There cars parked in the street.

Is there any milk? I can't see .

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