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Angličtina gramatika 2. test 2.

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Angličtina gramatika 2. test 2. Nepravidelná slovesa ve větách. Doplněk pro přípravu na maturity a přijímací zkoušky. Expressions of quantity, tenses, descriptions atd.


We here after my daughter was born.

Brian Bailey?

I in Chesswood for five years . My address is Baker Street 14.

I to Russia, but I'd like to.

Since she graduated from the college she her job several times.

I him two years ago.

We in London in 1990.

Last year she six months there.

He a good job there.

I a teacher since I left university.

She marketing at college . Then she worked for several firms.

Carla Brown has a good job, she over Ł 20,000 a year.

I to Bristol University in 1984.

I'd like him and you for dinner.

She didn't like up early.


She with the company for three years .

I up at 7.00 this morning.

Since she began to work for the company she in America several times on business.

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