Angličtina gramatika 2. test 2.

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Angličtina gramatika 2. test 2. Nepravidelná slovesa ve větách. Doplněk pro přípravu na maturity a přijímací zkoušky. Expressions of quantity, tenses, descriptions atd.



Brian Bailey?

I up at 7.00 this morning.

He a good job there.

She marketing at college . Then she worked for several firms.

I him two years ago.

Last year she six months there.

Carla Brown has a good job, she over Ł 20,000 a year.

I in Chesswood for five years . My address is Baker Street 14.

She didn't like up early.

We in London in 1990.

I to Bristol University in 1984.

I a teacher since I left university.

Since she graduated from the college she her job several times.

I'd like him and you for dinner.

We here after my daughter was born.

Since she began to work for the company she in America several times on business.

I to Russia, but I'd like to.

She with the company for three years .

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